Vagabonds of Lothilia

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Day 1


After fleeing from the war into a cave five strangers teamed up and decided to descend into the cave. after awhile they encounter a a nest of spiders where the queen was waiting to ambush them. After swiftly defeating the queen they realized the entrances had a magic ward on them preventing the queen from escaping. as they progressed deeper into the cave they ran across some more weird wards and some weird frog creatures and a unexpected human. they continued there journey till they came across a strange door after investigating the door they realized there was 2 fey panthers inside the room. after some blows where struck they decided to set the panthers free and headed out on there way. with the exit in site the group came across several bounty hunters looking to turn in deserters of the battle. with some quick whits the party managed to get by them with no resistance. after exiting the cave they set up camp and finaly got to introduce one another and they all decided to head to the town of elric.

Exp gained from encounters- 560
items gained- 10 gold worth of magic components

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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