Brief History of Vern

Vern is an ancient world.

The most learned scholars or the most ancient of Deva have uncovered a total of ten separate ages of this world. While only ten were found, some claim there are ages even more ancient than these. Each of the ages were so great in length that stories of their time mention divine beings no one, even the lords of Heaven, can remember.

The Libraries of the Astral Mountain has dedicated entire buildings to the histories of past ages, and attempting to repeat any of them here would require the life span of dragons. The completely abridged Chronicle of the Divine Schism, where the most ancient gods warred with each other and then cast the losers into the Infernal Hells, takes up no less than 45 volumes! The History of the Infinite Empire, an empire that conquered the entire world during the sixth age, is a rare artifact of knowledge to be possessed since its demise and requires an entire library. It remains under constant watch by the Royal Guard in Gladia, and very few have actually seen it.

The Ages

The First Age The Primordials ruled this world and all other worlds in the multiverse. The Primordials, however, were defeated by the first Gods and those who were not killed were chased far into the ether. Some magi claim that the Primordials still hide among the stars in the sky.

The Second Age The Tyrant Lizards ruled much of this world, and were the precursor race to Lizard-folk, Kobolds and Dragons. The Tyrant Lizards ruled for many years, but they led to their own downfall when they froze the world to defeat their enemies. It was around this time that the Divine Schism took place. Some theologists claim it was because the Heavens warred that the Tyrant Lizards could thrive.

The Third Age: The Age of Ice This age lasted for many millennia, but it was the first time Elves, Dwarves, and Men were seen. The Frozen Empire stood for a thousand years before the flooding of the world during the Fourth Age.

The Fourth Age For an entire age most of the world was covered in the melted snow of the previous age. Man fought with Elves and Dwarves over what the histories said was only a few hundred miles of land.

The Fifth Age In this age the waters of the world receded. The world was carved into a vast number of kingdoms, nations and empires. The age came to a end when a cave of Tyrant Lizards, alive from a long magical hibernation, awoke and conquered much of the world.

The Six Age This age began with a second Tyrant Lizard empire, but was brought down by the Infinite Empire. The Infinite Empire united the opponents of the Tyrant Lizards and then led to the total control of the world. This Empire lasted for more than 10,000 years, and it was the greatest nation of this world. In the Infinite Empire the World Gates were crafted, one of which is located on the Astral Mountain, and citizens from all across the multiverse came to its cities. However, some of those travelers came from the Infernal Hells and over many centuries they corrupted hundreds, turning them into the Tiefling. With their Tiefling children, the Infernal Hells brought the Infinite Empire to the ground.

The Seventh Age This was the shortest age, and it was a dark and terrifying one. Devils and Demons roamed freely, unleashing a torrent of evils onto the world and planning to launch attacks onto the Heavens. Before the demons could, the Heavens took seven champions and granted them great power and weapons. These Champions defeated the greatest of the Infernal Lords and, even though they fell in the end, inspired rebellions that broke the chains of the Infernal Hells and pushed the forces of Hell back. Near the end of the age, all of the Tieflings were rounded up and at the last moment, before being mass executed, a rare example of divine intervention saved them. Hazel the Righteous Shadow, appeared before the masses and claimed the Tieflings forever as his own.

The Eighth Age The once united races of Vern quickly turned on themselves and thus this age was filled with conflict. Untold numbers of micronations, some only a few miles in width, quarreled with each other. It was a time of frequent warfare, and was one of the lowest ages of mortals. It was an age even barbarians would consider uncivilized and cruel.

The Ninth Age This age began when the Eladrin Warlord, Minore Warleaf, brought many of the uncivilized nations into his own. The Eladrin was so full of life that he resisted the Fading for more than several centuries and with his might, conquered many. However, this age is known as the Age of the Plague because of the Infernal Plague unleashed unto it. The Infernal Hells attempted to wipe out the world in bitter jealousy. The Infernal Plague killed many, but ultimately was cured with the help of a Warlock who betrayed his lord.

The Tenth Age The current age began with the rebuilding of society. Much of the past ages were lost. A few civilizations have come and gone, with some of the most powerful being the the Lothilia Empire and the Qilin Plains (if one can call them a civilization). As of yet, this 2,000 year old age has been quiet when compared to the events of the past Ages.

Brief History of Vern

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