Lords of the Astral Mountain and Guardians of the World Gate, Devas rule one of the only autonomous regions within Lothilia, although they are still considered a vassal. They rule one of the most impressive military compounds within Lothilia known as the Astral Mountain. Its purpose is to contain anything that might come through the world portal unwelcomed into our plane. Although the Deva have collected a huge amount of lore and artifacts over the centuries.

The Astral Mountain is a massive citadel, originally designed to combat dangers from beyond the world gate, but it has since grown to become a great library. Mages, Psions and Loremasters from all over the world, not just Lothilia, have come to the Astral Mountain in search of knowledge. The Deva maintain this complex while they seek their own enlightenment.

For the most part, they attempt to remain out of the politics of the world, but with the events of the Lothilia Civil War, the Devan Council decided to dedicate many of their own to putting an end to the war. However, knowing that everyone must seek their own path, they permitted any who went to join any faction they desired. While many claim this was an act of cowardess by the Devan Council, they will point out that the Red Rose faction does have a Deva in their court.

Typically, a Deva will live for about 200 years before ‘dying’. This death is temporary, before their conciseness is reborn as a new Deva a few months later.

Devan names are usually simple, one to two syllable names with no surname.


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