Dragon’s Keep withstood Lothilian assault longer than even the Dwarven Keeps, but finally were defeated 250 years ago. Since then, the Lords of Dragon’s Keep has been only permitted to keep a handful of Dragonborn as retainers. A huge number of Dragonborn were then forced to depart their homelands in search of employment. Most Dragonborn now make their lives as mercenaries.

The Dragonborn are driven by honor to prove themselves to the Lothilian lords. Few Dragonborn kept any kind of grudge against the Lothilian, seeing their defeat in a similar manner to being defeated by a wise teacher and they now seek to gain the approval of their lords, even if most of them are forced to do it as wandering sellswords.

A Dragonborn can live to 130 years, but because of their life style, the average is only 30-40.

Dragonborn names begin with their bloodline name (Bloodfang, Darkbreath, etc.), then their given names.


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