Dragon's Keep

The great, impentrable Dragon’s Keep weathered the attacks of more than a thousand enemies before the Lothilia finally defeated the Dragonborn within. Built on an island less than a mile from the mainland, the islands unique location makes it nearly impossible to properly siege, because sometimes Dragon’s Keep is on a small island, but other times, it is a peninsula off the shore.

Dragon’s Keep can easily be accessed during low tide, when a white sandy beach leads up to it’s gates. But as high tide comes in, the beach quickly disappears into water up to 10 feet high in places. The water can also be difficult to navigate because of the reefs and rocks that occupy the area, making a water approach unrecommended.

Before Lothilia conquered it, the Keep’s main flaw was that it offered no protection to no one outside the castle, allowing enemies to easily capture the town outside of it. The Lothilia have since built a castle wall around it.

Dragon’s Keep is now a shadow of what it once was. Very few Dragonborn still guard its walls, instead replaced with Lothilian troops. It houses no places of interests beyond the Keep itself.

Should anyone attack Lothilia from the north east, be they from the Qilian Plains or Kautlan Republic, they must either begin the long, difficult siege of Dragon’s Keep or risk the sizeable army attacking their rear.

During the Civil War, Dragon’s Keep remained loyal to the Red Rose Emperor. They therefore entered a long quagmire with the White Throne, who seperated Dragon’s Keep from the Red Rose. While the Dragon’s Keep was never sieged and they did not engage the White Throne troops frequently, they did keep a sizeable number of troops lockdown to protect the White Throne faction from being flanked.

Dragon's Keep

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