Three Dwarven Clans make their homes in the various mountains of Lothilia. While these clans still claim alliegance to the High King of the Dwarves in the mountain halls of Gaad far away, the Dwarven Clans are required to also swear feality to Lothilia after a decade long sieges to their keeps. While many species still speak their native languages among their own people, only the Dwarves continue to refuse to accept Common as their primary language and any visitors to the Dwarven Halls better know Dwarven if they expect to get around.

The Thunderhammers, lords of the keep in the Qilin Mountains, have taken on the duty of being the first line of defense against any incursions from the Qilin Plains. The White Axes perform a similar duty against the Asoma to the East, but have turned their duty into a diplomatic one since the last war with the Asoma more than 300 years ago. They now participate in trade rather than warfare with the Asoma. Finally, the Bogglaives occupy the hills north of the Orcish Swamps. Unlike the other Clans, the Bogglaives had been fighting the Orcs of the Orcish Swamps long before the Lothilia came to them. Ironically, after joining the Empire, the Lothilia had to stop the Bogglaives from warring with the Orcs.

Lothilia has a low population of No Beards (those who shaved their beards and are in Exile).

Dwarves have long life spans, often living more than 250 years full of drinking, eating and smoking.

The complicated Dwarven names begin with their given name (Grom, Gimli, etc.), then their Family name (Thickshoulder, Bronzebeard, etc.), the halls of their home and finally their clan name. Female Dwarves are required to include their maiden names too! (No Beards only have a given name, which is not the same one used before their exile.)


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