The Eladrin have been associated with nobility in Lothilia since the legendary Eladrin king, Lothilas, founded the Eladrin city of Elric in 1289 Te.A. While no Eladrin has sat on the throne of Lothilia for 500 years, many Eladrin still hold at least minor titles. Eladrin serfs are almost nonexistent, although Eladrin slaves are highly sought after. Those not belonging to nobility still often live extravagant lives that the average person can not tell the difference between.

Eladrin are common in most areas, being the second most populous after humans. Many cities and Keeps have Eladrin nobles and knights, but Elric is the great city to the Eladrin. Elric’s close proximity to the Feywild helps vitalize the Eladrin and those living in the city typically have longer life spans by a few decades before the Fading. Eladrin are famous for their extravagant life styles, often throwing grandiose parties and living well beyond their means. This often earns the anger of others, but they make up for it by still being excellent leaders, warriors and mages.

Eladrin do not have an average life span. The Eladrin vitalize themselves with extreme emotions and actions, which is why live the lives they do. As Eladrin age, they typically slow down and tire out. Eventually, they will slowly die. While natural causes can still end an Eladrin, without a constant injection of new and exciting events, the life will slowly drain out of them and shortly before their death, they will be pale and drained of life. This is called the Fading. Some Eladrin live to be 100, while certain legendary Eladrin have lived for almost a thousand years.

Eladrin names are just as grandiose and extravagant as their lives, with a chosen name with titles before and/or after.


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