Before Lothilia was an empire, it was Elric. Elric was founded by the great Eladrin King Lothilas in the forests near an entrance into the Feywilds. (The forest was later named Lothilas’s Grove) Elric became home to a large number of Eladrin, Elves and Gnomes.

When Beatrix Feyborn married the then King Kirlas Narthanthir and inspired him to conquer the Gladius Imperium to the north, it was Elric that would be the seat of their Empire for 200 years before the Hasta assumed control and moved the capital to Gladia.

Even after, Elric continued to be one of the most powerful and influential places in Lothilia. It is home to a well respected mage academy and access to a large number of natural resources that help give it a strong economy. It does, however, have a reputation for being the home to a large number of different drug smuggling circuits (which can be useful in prolonging Eladrin and Gnome lives)

Elric was blessed enough to survive mostly intact through the civil war. There were only a few minor battles that involved the city and none of them caused much damage. The worst of them happened more than 20 years ago, making it the second best preserved city (after the Astral Mountain).


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