Emperor's Honor and Emperor's Glory

When the Asoma invaded the provience of Selaz and took its capital city 320 years prior, it caused a stir in Lothilia. For the most part, Asoma was seperated by a think mountain range that made interaction rare outside of ports. When the Asoma sailed across the Azure Sea and took the land up to Selaz with little effort, it was the first time Lothilia had been invaded and lost land.

The Empire responded by mobilizing a huge army that marched north to repel troops invading the Astral Mountain. What they found was an army that was considerably weakened by a failed assault on the mountain. The Lothilian troops pushed the Asoman troops back far, retaking large amounts of land. The troops continued to retake land until the Asoma sent reinforcements. When the Lothilian realized they were losing their momentum, they army split into two and took as much land as they could hold. Then, on the fringes of that land, they built two large fortresses. These fortresses would be called Emperor’s Honor and Emperor’s Glory.

Just like Jethro and Riverguard, as these fortresses became less and less temporary, merchants and families of soldiers moved to these sister cities and expanded them. When the Asoma arranged a peace treaty between the two nations, it became a realization that these forts would most certainly become permanent.

The Emperor Cities are both military cities even to this day. While Jethro remained Lothilia’s army main hub, the Emperor Cities were built to host the entirety of the Imperial armies if need be and they remain well staffed year round.

The Emperor Cities sided with the White Throne and became the factions main location for training soldiers. However, the cities are running on a skeleton crew while their troops are attacking Gladia.

Emperor's Honor and Emperor's Glory

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