Far Landing

If there is a low point in Lothilia, it is Far Landing. Originally built to be a port to the east through the Azure Sea to rival Portsmith, the Empire poured a huge sum of money into it. However, a series of disasters ruined the ports chances, turning the once prosperous city into a hive of scum and villiany.

The once great pier is only about 1/10th opertional, with the rest of it rotting away. Thousands of out of work sailers and pier workers made the city their home and now their descendants are mostly homeless or vagrants. The cities crime rate is huge and gangs have more control than the actual governor. While Emperors have claimed their desire to clean up the city and get it operational again, the truth is the city is so far from anything and so far gone that it would be better if the city tore itself apart or sank into the Jade Sea than to attempt to save it.

Few could believe it was possible, but during the Civil War, things became worse in Far Landing. The governor at the time attempted to secede from the Empire with the hopes of revitalizing the city into something new. However, without the imports of food from other cities, food shortages soon ravaged Far Landing and riots broke out all over. Fearful of his people, the governor submitted to the Red Rose faction, but was executed for treason and a new governor was insalled. He ended the food riots and was able to return Far Landing to what it was before. Not that it was a good thing.

Rumors that a Thieves Guild operates in the city are clearly false. Or so says the Empire.

Far Landing

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