Githzerai are not native residents to this Plane, let alone Lothilia. However, many Githzerai come to Lothilia through the World Gate on the Astral Mountain seeking a refuge from The King of Many Stars in the Astral Plane. They are close allies with the Deva, who help them intergrate with Lothilian society. However, outside the Astral Mountain they are often distrusted due to their alien appearance and rumors claim that it was the Githzerai who brought Psionics to this world.

Many Githzerai have attempted to gain the attention of influential lords about the danger of the King of Many Stars, but few in the past few decades have paid them attention. However, many Githzerai know the full danger of this multiplane threat.

Githzerai find names a strange thing, normally used to being called by slave titles. Most new Githzerai continue to use their slave titles, but eventually, many Githzerai take on names they find interesting from different races.

The Githzerai have lifespans up to 100 years.


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