When the great city of Agamemnon was sacked, refugees took to the sea and landed near what would one day become Far Landing. The refugees wandered the land for many years before deciding to settle down between Lake Vita and Lake Draco. The path they built upon was a popular route for travellers and soon, people began stopping at the small town. Over time, Gladia would grow from such travel, becoming a major destination for travellers of that time period.

When the ancient Gladians built the first aquaduct, the cities population exploded and more travellers began moving into the city. Around the same time as Elric’s founding, Gladia began to militarially expand, reaching further and further for resources. This brought them into contact with the Elric people and started the war that would eventually unite the two nations into Lothilia.

Gladia is the crown jewel of the empire. It was a large city when the Lothilians conquered it, but it continued to grow through trade due to its location. The city was grown from trade and it has not one, not two, but five major market places. It also hosts several very prestigeous magical academies and severl ‘Wonders of Lothilia’, such as the Aquaducts, the Royal Palaces, the Grand Arena and Sanctum Dei.

Gladia has its share of problems, however. What some people might say inspite of, the city is incredibly dirty. Several million people living in a small area will do that. However, the wise know that without the aquaducts to clear out some of the waste, the city would certainly drown in its own filth in a week.

Gladia suffered a lot during the civil war. It was sieged many times, four of which were successful. Its population is the lowest it has been in several hundred years and huges areas of land have been leveled.


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