Gnomes find Lothilia a dreadful place. The past few decades have been full of drawn out wars and most Gnomes want nothing to do with it. When Gnomes do leave the Feywild, they usually stay with their Eladrin cousins. Therefore, the eccontric gnomes are usually a rare sight outside of Elric.

Gnomes and Eladrin share much in common, but where Eladrin are often flamboyant, Gnomes are often absurd. They enjoy bizarre clothing, over the top hair styles and wacky accessories. Much like Goblins, Gnomes are inventive because they see everything from a different point of view. It was their absurdity that lead a Gnome inventor to crafting the Gnome Pocket Knife, complete with compass, corkscrew, screw driver, mustache comb and a few other inventions (but rarely an actual knife).

Gnomes are usually a welcome sight in most places in Lothilia. Not because they make great counsel (they don’t) or because their views can help solve a problem (it won’t), but because their often strange and absurd ways are often cheaper than hiring a jester or fool for entertainment for a night. And Gnomes typically see little issue with this.

Gnomes suffer from a similar life expectancy as the Eladrin, but usually shorter. Gnomes are vitalized by new and exciting thrills, but unlike the Eladrin, they do not gain as much from this life style and therefore, typically live between 50 and 200 years before the Fading. However, unlike the Eladrin, a Gnome living in the Feywild does not age at all. Some Gnomes claim there is a Gnomish King who has lived in the Feywilds since the First Age. Others claim that is madness.

Gnomish names are trials in sanity. All Gnomes have two names, the first is a formal name, which usually, but not always, remains consistent for their life. It is composed of a first name, which will looks more like a jumble of letters than a name (Xyfitr, Hmanononon, Etc, etc.) followed by a surname, which does not come from any family, but what some have suggested as a shopping list the Gnome needed when first asked their name (Cogwrenchboltdriver, Wandnewteyestardust, etc.). The informal names of Gnomes also follow these rules, but changes on a near daily basis, but somehow still contain their formal names. Also, Gnomes never seem to get any of this confused or messed up.


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