For the longest time, Goblins were seen as nuisances at best, pest in need of extermination at worse. It wasn’t until a No Beard dwarf named Grimcoin found a young goblin and trained him as a servant did anyone realize that with a proper education, Goblins can become some of the most skilled creatures in creation. While a properly educated Goblin is just as smart as any other being, the Goblin mind has a knack for inventive thought and since their ‘Rising Up’, Goblins have made major pushes in magic and scientific knowledge. However, Goblins still put little value on their safety and some traditionalist hope these educated goblins will snuff themselves out before they go back to their wild brethren and teach them what they have learned.

Goblins are still viewed with a similar disdain as their uneducated brethren. They are not usually trusted with important information and more than a few Goblin have been overlooked for their deeds. However, many Goblins feel it is only time until the rest of Lothilia, and the world, accept them.

It should come as little surprise that the recently invented ‘Grenades’ were a Goblin invention.

Lothilian Goblins have short life spans, although many times more than their uneducated brethren. Goblins who live to old age often pass around 50. (Wild Goblins rarely live past 10.)

Goblin names are short and often ugly, much like their wild cousins. Some have taken on more ‘civilized’ names, copying other races. Surnames are becoming more popular, now that more goblins live long enough to see their children and grandchildren.


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