The Goliath tribes were a major danger to the growing Lothilian Empire 500 years ago and an effort was made in subjugating them. After a long war, the Lothilian conquered the tribes and took the survivors as slaves. For 350 years, Lothilian Slave Owners did all they could to force the Goliaths into accepting the Lothilian culture and language. While many did, the Goliaths continued their traditions in secret. When the Lothilian Civil War erupted, Goliaths all over Lothilia threw off their chains and fled to their homelands. They quickly readopted their lost culture and attempted to keep out of the Lothilia Civil War. However, when general of the White Throne faction, the Half-Elven Rin Watercaster, approached them with a peace offer in exchange for their support, the Goliaths joined his faction.

The Goliath war cry is ‘Death before Chains’, meaning they will never again allow themselves to be taken as slaves. However, since they sided with the White Throne faction, what will happen to the Goliaths now that the Red Rose faction won the war?

Goliath names are share some characteristics with Dwarven names, being rough and strong sounding. The name is typically given as name followed by their tribe.

Goliaths age pretty gracefully, being as fit at 130 as they were a hundred years earlier. They live to around 150 and very rarely show signs of aging until near death.


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