Half Elf

In a nation with a dwindling Elven population, it is strange to see such a large number of Half-Elves in its borders. Elven blood is actually a very common trait seen in about 1 out of 10 humans. Half-Elves are fairly common in most cities, where Elven travelers and partying Eladrin are prone to sampling local fruit, the children of these nights are usually left to the humans to raise.

Therefore, most Half-Elves are seen as bastard children, unloved by their human hosts. However, Elves and Eladrin usually welcome these half-humans, not out of kindness, but usually to mock them afterwards once the half-human has left. Most Half-Elves think that running away to Elric or other Elven places will better their life, not knowing they are pariahs to both races.

Half-Elves take on the names of either parents.

Half-Elves usually live upwards to 140 years.

Half Elf

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