History of Lothilia

The history of Lothilia is long and detailed. To properly tell the 800 year length of Lothilia would take many hours and pages. Instead, the following is a brief look at some of the most important events in Lothilian history, such as the War Against the Imperium and the Qilin Invasions up to the beginning of the Lothilian Civil War.

Lothilia began long ago when Elric was founded by Lothilas in 1289 Te.A. Built near an entrance to the Feywild, Elric attracted Fey to it and it grew into an impressive city quickly. Elric’s influence would eventually begin to infringe upon the northern human city of Gladia.

It would be in 1344 Te.A. that the Gladians began planning an invasion of Elric by founding the military city of Jethro and then attacking Elric properties the following year. The war lasted several years, before the Elric forces defeated the Gladians and added Gladia and Jethro to their domains. Having grown from a city-state into a nation, the king of Elric decided to name their nation after its founder, calling it Lothilia. The Empire was added to the name a century later when it had grown as far as Riverguard.

As part of the spoils of war, the king of Lothilia took the Emperor’s beautiful daughter as one of his wives. She would later give birth to the half breed child, Hasta, who, through circumstance and fate, would inherit the growing Empire. While the Eladrin nobles claimed the human whore had murdered the other princess and the Eladrin Emperor, no one had the power to challenge her. To many Eladrin, this was called the Human Usurpation of Lothilia. The descendants of Hasta would rule Lothilia til this day.

Riverguard was founded in 1438 after travelers brought news of a dangerous race of creatures to the west. The Qilin were said to be strange, draconic horse creatures with unbelievable magical power. They were guarded by a race of horsemen and it was said they killed all who entered their lands with only a scarce few escaping to tell the tales. When the Empire sent heroes to investigate, only one returned to confirm the truth.

Riverguard was intended to be used as a staging point for invading the area known as the Qilin Plains. However, in 1440, the Qilin launched their first offensive, invading the land up to Riverguard. While the Qilin were repelled, the damage to Riverguard and its troops was massive. The Qilin would send raiding parties on a regular basis, with full scale invasions coming every few years to decades. Sometimes, the Qilin Plains were silent for decades, before a massive invasion would break the peace without warning.

Lothilia continued to expand over the many centuries, absorbing small nations and city-states. As the nation expanded, it would war with Dwarven Clans, Orcish tribes and human nations. This continued up to until 130 years ago, when Lothilia defeated the Dragonborn of Dragon’s Keep. As time passed, they also founded a variety of other cities, such as Portsmith, the largest port in Lothilia and Locksmith, one of the most popular cities in the Empire.

Lothilia continued to expand until it filled up the area within its natural borders. Beyond the Seiryu mountains to the southeast lie the Asoma, a small nation ruled by a caste of warriors, resisted Lothilian influence. Attacking Asoma would require a naval invasion and with its caste of warriors, it would be a costly invasion that Lothilian had no intent on pursuing. That was until 1760, when the Asoma launched their own invasion and took land up to the Astral Mountains. When the Lothilia pushed them back, they founded Emperor’s Honor and Emperor’s Glory at the furtherest place they could take.

While the Asoma and Lothilia would sign a peace treaty years later, it was because the Asoma had dug into the point that generals believed it would require all the resources of the nation to push them out. It became the duty of the White Axes to prevent the Asoma from attacking the Lothilia again.

For the most part, Lothilia has had peaceful relations with the Kautlan Republic. Kautlan is a frigidly cold nation with few resources, so Lothilia sees no point in attacking them. Any threats the Kautlans would pose are void, as they barely have the resources to maintain any army for a length of time.

When the Dragonborn were defeated, the Empire entered an extended period of peace that last almost 50 years. Now that the White Throne faction has been defeated, many people are hoping Lothilia will return to such a peaceful time.

History of Lothilia

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