While many of the other races are native to the lands surrounding Lothilia, Humans only settled there 1,000 years ago. The first human settlers were refugees from the city of Agamemnon far to the east across the Azure Sea who fled when the city was sacked. Since then, they have grown into the most powerful species in the area. It was Humans who usurped the Eladrin from the throne more than 600 years before and it has been a human (or rarely, Half-Elf) who has sat on the throne since. While Humans also represent a large percent of the peasants in Lothilia, they also represent a majority of its upper class as well. Only the Eladrin have as many nobles as they do.

Humans in Lothilia are typically light of skin, with browns and blacks the most common hair colors. Blond and Red hair is seen as a rare gift, representing gifts from the Gods in the form of great leadership (for blonds) or great magical power (for red heads). The Asoma across the Seiryu mountains are also mostly human, but their darker skin, jet black hair and slanted eyes are features not typically welcomed in Lothilia.

Human names varied, combining namin conventions from all other races and societies. Lothilian names are usally Given followed by Surname. Human Serfs only have a given name, usually using the name of their town or profession as a surname.

Humans have an average life span of 70-80 years.


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