Jethro was the first of Lothilia’s many Fortress Cities. Jethro was founded by the Gladians at the end of the Lake Vita and Lake Draco pass with the intent of using it as a base of operations for invading Elric as well as a buffer should Elric invade. Its initial attempt was a failure, only stopping the Elric invasion for days, not the weeks the Gladians had hoped. However, the city continued to be used after the invasion with the same purpose.

The city was built in a large, open field that would permit a permanent castle to be erected and then allow entire armies to camp nearby. As would be repeated with Riverguard and the Emperor Cities, as armies spent more time in the area, they brought their families with them. Merchants also began to move in and the makings of a town began.

The city houses THE greatest military academy in the nation, a battle mage academy, and enough campuses (with housing) to host every single soldier in the Imperial army. The forges of the city never stop, working 24 hours a day, constantly turning out new weapons, armor and siege engines.

The city entered a period of decline prior to the civil war, when period of peace led to overstocked armories and excess soldiers untested in battle. When the civil war began, the heads of the city were almost overjoyed. The city was constantly bringing in new recruits and sending out soldiers for the Red Rose. The city had only a light guard for a majority of the war, most of the soldiers sent out to join armies. Jethro was sieged several times, but never penetrated.


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