Locksmith is one of the greatest cities in Lothilia. Its population rivals Gladia, but it lacks much of the filth that mars that city. It has the good reputation of cities like Elric, but rather than catoring to a handful of races, it houses peoples from all the nation.

Locksmith grew from its locations on Crossroads, the intersecting highways that can take a traveler anywhere. The western road leads to Storm’s Keep and the Qilin Plains. The northern road takes you to Dragon’s Keep and to the Kautlan Republic. The eastern road leads to the Astral Mountain, the Emperor Cities and eventually North Asoma. And the southern road leads to Gladia and the rest of the Empire. At the center of it grew Locksmith.

Locksmith is the most exotic of all the cities, mixing the cultures of all of Lothilia and foreign cultures freely. The city is renown for its two markets, both of which specialize in the strange and exotic in addition to the mundane, its fine dining, combing countless cooking styles, and its fine entertainment, with theaters, arenas and more. It also has some of the best horse breeders because the Rolling Plains are an excellent place for raising horses.

Locksmith became a rallying point for the White Throne, who made it their home base. Troops from the Emperor Cities came to Locksmith before going to war. (It was often called the Last Hurrah). While the Red Rose wished to take it, the Rolling Plains would be difficult to attack. The Red Rose had a limited amount of calvary when compared to the White Throne and it would be difficult to outmaneuver an enemy when one can often see for miles across the plains.


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