When the Qilin of the Qilin Plains failed an assault against Lothilia a few hundred years ago, they studied their loss. They then used their magics to create a new race, combining captured enemies with bulls to create the Minotaur. They were smarter and stronger than Centaur, but not as agile or wickedly cunning.

However, the Minotaur had little interest in serving the Qilin, still remembering much about their human ways, and instead departed from the Qilin Plains. Now, the Minotaur are one of the few creatures welcome from those lands. Minotaur often make their lives as traders between the two (the closest the two nations have ever come to peace) or acting as mercenaries.

Minotaurs who have been sold into slavery are frequently turned into Gladiators or ‘special servants’ to women with more… exotic tastes.

Minotaur names are usually similar to human names, but usually devoid of surnames.

Minotaurs live as long as humans, around 70-80 years.


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