Orcish Tribes have made their homes in the Orcish Swamps of Lothilia for centuries. Just like many other species before them, when the Lothilian borders encroached upon theirs, a war between the two erupted and just like many before, the Orcs were quickly defeated. However, the Lothilian troops found themselves frequently stationed in the Orcish Swamps or in Ray’Tosh, the Orcish capital, to qwell ‘rebellions’ on a regular basis. While the Orcs were prone to battle and seeking to test themselves against their rulers rather than rebel, the Lothilian troops began taking large numbers of Orcs and Half-Orcs as slaves. Because of their violent natures, they proved incapable work slaves, but excellent arena slaves. For more than 300 years, most Orcs and Half-Orcs have been raised in the Gladiator rings.

Despite what other races might think, this is not necessarily a bad thing to the Orcs. Orcs love the chance at a good battle. If there is a job in the Empire that requires a weapon and strength, an Orc has it. Even if an Orcish Gladiator wins his freedom, he rarely leaves the Arena for anything else.

Orcish names begin with a simple sound, such as Grub, Tus or Klem, and a title award by an elder orc, such as Hellscream and Doomhammer.

Orcs have short life spans, typically reaching 70 years. (As a note, a surprising number of Orcs do live to old age. Their love of battle does little to dwindle their numbers since they are so good at it.)


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