Quick Travel

Lothilia is a large nation. From the most northern tip of Dragon’s Keep to the most southern claw of Crabclaw Bay, it is more than 3,000 miles and it is about half that distance across. Travelling from one side to the other by foot can take months. Therefore, the Lothilian magi invented a series of magical artifacts called the Porta. While a powerful wizard might be able to teleport long distances, to the average person, travel is limited.

A Porta is a magical pillar attuned to a specific location. Magic users trained in a specific ritual can send up to 10 people and their equipment standing near a Porta to the designated location. The Porta is instant and some Portas can send a group of people up to 500 miles away. However, the Porta does suffer from some major flaws. The first being the trip is one direction. Nearly all Porta have a sister at their target locations that will provide a return trip, but a few do not. This also relates to the other problem that each Porta requires a certain amount of energy to work. After teleporting a group, the Porta requires an hour to recharge before working again. This does not require any action on the part of the magic users as the artifacts draw in trace amounts of magical essence from the nearby area.

Because on the best day, each stone can perform up to 24 trips, the cost can be expensive. Also, because there isn’t a single Porta that takes someone from one side of the Empire to the other, it often requires multiple trips, each of which requires a separate fee. At each Porta, travelers are required to present travel papers.

A trip through a Porta costs between 15-25 Gold

Quick Travel

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