Ray’Tosh is a hot, miserable city prone to mosquitos and mild flooding at best, swamp diseases, sunken cities and rebelling orcs at worst. Built in the middle of the Orcish Swamps, Ray’Tosh was the capital of the Orcs before they were conquered. It has come a long way since those days, but they city is still one of the least desirable places to go if you aren’t an orc.

The city of Ray’Tosh is the lowest point in Lothilia (geographical, but possibly socially) and water from the Imperial river to the north and from the Old Ocean to the south meet here to create a massive swamp that refuses to be tamed. Some people claim Ray’Tosh doesn’t actually exist, since during the rainy season, a majority of the city can be underwater and those living there must take shelter in boats. Buildings there are also prone to sinking into the swamp as their foundations erode.

However, that said, somehow the city makes it through each year. And there are various buildings that do remain constant. The Ray’Tosh Arena is built on the driest piece of land in the area, but for when it does flood, inflatable rafts will raise the arena floor.

Ray’Tosh featured something of a rebirth during the civil war. Free of the Imperial eye, the Orcs of the area reignited their long war with the Dwarves of Speartip Fortress. Many Orcs were inspired by their abandoning Imperial law and returning to their roots. While the Orcs have been reeled back in, many of them see the Empire with different eyes than before.


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