The Shardmind are a rare being, usually seen on the Astral Mountain if at all. Much like the Eladrin, the Shardmind are a race of beings formed from the energies of the Astral Planes rather than the Feywilds. When one does form and passes through the World Gate, it is often a hectic event. The newly formed Shardminds are often confused and their powers can be dangerous. But with proper protection and training from the residents of the Astral Mountain, Shardminds can become powerful beings in the world.

Outside of the Astral Mountain, many people believe Shardminds to be some kind of magical construct or golem. A few overly excited adventures might even try to slay them. However, Shardminds can usually take care of themselves, much to the surprise of the adventurers.

Shardmind names usually come from the Deva who helps them transition into the world. Therefore, they follow Devan naming customs.

Shardminds do not have any true age. Shardminds do not age and can technically live forever, but as more and more time passes, they feel the need to return to the Astral Plane, where they will again become part of it. They can still enter the Astral Plane without doing this, but eventually it is always their ultimate goal.


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