Shifters can be commonly seen all across the more untamed areas of Lothlia. They have always viewed themselves as wardens of the wilds and very rarely staying in the same place for a long time.

Shifters often travel in packs, usually spending a few months to years with a single pack, before leaving for another pack. Often times, packs come together to form a single huge pack to hunt down more dangerous foes, then break apart. These packs are usually nomadic in nature and often survive off the fat of the land, although some packs sell items crafted from their defeated enemies. (Shifter Packs are one of the best sources for Dragonbone and Dragonhide)

Those living in a city will rarely see a Shifter, some claim they do not even exist, while small towns and frontiers frequently interact with them. To the Lothilia Empire, Shifters present a problem. No one, not even Shifters, know exactly how many live in their borders, making them an unknown and possibly dangerous enemy. Also, because they rarely stay in one place for long, Shifters constantly avoid paying the Emperor’s Tax, much to the annoyance of the treasury.

Shifters have long lives, almost as long as Dwarves and Elves. Most can live up to 200 years old, but a few rare examples each generation have lived to 300.

Shifter names typically sound like combinations of real words and animalistic noises, like Rip or Hhall, followed by a granted title that describes their nature, such as Throatripper or Giantslayer.


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