Speartip Hall

Speartip Hall, home of the Bogglaive Clan, is the lowest of the Dwarven Halls. Speartip Hall is built more into the hills north of the Orcish Swamps rather than a mountains like other Dwarven Halls.

The Bogglaive Dwarves are most known for their skills are survivalist, having survived off the Orcish Swamps while the Orcs fought them. They are more connected with nature than other Dwarves, making many of their numbers Rangers, Druids and Shamans.

Unlike most Dwarven Halls, Speartip does not go deep into the hills and mountains and has a large number of buildings above ground.

During the Civil War, the Bogglaive declared themselves independent of Lothilia and went to battle with their ancient enemy, the Orcs. When the Red Rose faction was prepared to attack the White Axe for their betrayal, the High King of the Dwarves intervened on their behalf. He demanded the Thunderhammer, Bogglaive and White Axe surrender to the Red Rose. The Bogglaive and White Axe did so.

Speartip Hall

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