The Multiverse

Also known as the Multiverse, the Astral Sea is a realm of infinite possibilities. The Astral Sea is not a frequent travel destination for the people of Vern. Powerful magic users might be able to open portals into the Multiverse, but the safest way into it is through the World Gate, located on top of the Astral Mountain. In past ages, there were more World Gates, but they were destroyed over the millennia. Now only the Astral Mountain’s gate remains.

The World Gate is an ancient magical artifact that allows easy travel to and from different planes. Through a simple magical ritual in which the World Gate aligns with energies of the target plane, the gate opens a portal into a different existence.

The Astral Sea itself is incomprehensible to the mortal mind. The easiest explanation that most plane walkers tell is that the Astral Sea is an infinite place of arcane energies in which a seemingly endless number of worlds exist. It is both a physical thing and a concept. While beings can travel between these different worlds with ‘relative’ ease, even if one knows the proper magic, it is a dangerous and ultimately futile task. Plane Walkers have attempted to catalog these worlds, but it is believed that there are countless numbers of planes stretching on forever. There are a few planes that are well known in the multiverse, such as the four Heavenly planes (known collectively as the Heavens), the nine planes of Hell (known collectively as the Infernal Hells), and Shadowfell (home of the dead).

Beyond these planes are other worlds that, while dangerous to travel to, are profitable. The Planes offer limitless opportunities, which can appear in the form of danger or riches. Many worlds are completely foreign to Plane Walkers and sometimes dangerous beyond all reason. The strange inhabitants might be hostile, or the plane lacks oxygen in favor of sulfuric acid, or countless other dangers. At the same time, Plane Walkers are always looking for new worlds that might revolutionize the multiverse: new magics, powerful artifacts, etc.

Nearly all Planes Walkers begin their journey in a single location. One of the easiest places to travel to for beginning Planes Walkers is The Maelstrom. This is known as the hub of the multiverse. A small plane in comparison to most, the Maelstrom exists on a floating continent above a vortex in the Astral Sea. The plane has become a super city, expanding edge to edge over the continent and housing billions of Planes Walkers from countless different worlds, all in relative peace. More beings than most can fathom call the Maelstrom home, ranging from familiar humans, fey and gods to the bizarre and alien, such as Githyanki. One being, known only as the Elder Horror, is so alien that it can not be seen by most beings, lest they go mad. Luckily, it is an agoraphobic creature.

While the multiverse is dangerous by itself, a new threat has appeared. While current information about him is often hearsay or rumors passed on by gossipers, the so called ‘King of Many Stars’ may be the biggest danger to the Astral Sea since the beginning of creation. While some claim him to be a myth and research into the King has been vague at best, the King of Many Stars is said to be a warlord of cosmic strength. He has united many planes under his banner and his goal is to conquer all of them. For the most part, the worlds conquered by the King of Many Stars are unknown. Over the past few decades, the Githzerai have claimed to have lost their world to him. Yet for some reason, they can no longer remember it.

The Multiverse

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