The Dark rituals that created the Tiefling happened more than three ages ago in an age long forgotten. Despite having been a members of countless societies since, the Tiefling are a mostly feared and mistrusted species and outright banned in many nations. However, Tieflings have been welcomed in Lothilia since the great Tiefling hero Axe Splinterwood saved the kingdom 600 years ago. Since then, Tieflings have always found refugee in Lothilia and they continue to be one of the largest growing populations in the nation. While the rumors of them being untrustworthy still persist, only the staunchest of racist even bother to mention them anymore.

For a race created through demonic magics, the Tiefling have become some of the greatest crusaders against the influences of the Infernal Hells. Many holy orders, especially those dedicated to Hazel the Righteous Shadow, have Tiefling amoung their numbers.

Tiefling are blessed with long life spans, only surpassed by Elves. Most can live to 250 or even 300 years and they suffer few of the effects of aging.

Tiefling names usually involve important events in their life and frequently change over the years. Many Tiefling will have 5 or 6 different names during their life time, although they are usually referred to by their most famous when recorded in history. For instance, Axe Spinterwood was a lumberjack before joining being inspired to join a holy order. He was said to fell trees in a single blow. Once he joined the order, his name became Crusader Righteousshield.


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