Titles and Nobility

The ranks of nobility are a complex and difficult thing to navigate, but generally, they can be split into three ‘ranks’, Minor Nobles, Mid Nobles and High Nobles. Some nobles hold multiple titles, gained either through a rewards for duty or through diplomatic maneuvering. For instance, many Magistrates are also Knights, Counts take over the duties of Barons in their home city, Earls are the heads of their own Bannerman.

Minor Nobility begins with the various ranks of Knights. Knights are professional soldiers who have hereditary titles and access to more funds for training than any other professional soldier. Next are Magistrates, nobles given leadership over a small area, such as a small village, a way station or a small fortress. Finally, above them are the Barons and Baronness, who are given command over a handful of magistrates and typically a large town or a small city. The largest Barony is Far Landing.

Mid Nobles begin with Counts and Countesses. These individuals have command over a large number of Barons and typically command over a major city or fortress. Dwarven Kings are considered Counts (due to Dwarven law and the conditions of their surrender to Lothilia). Heads of Knightly families, Clans and other related groups usually fit somewhere within the ranks of Mid Nobility.

High Nobility is occupied by a large number of individual titles and ranks. While the Mid and Minor ranks may sometimes be confusing on who outranks who, the High Nobility becomes a confusing mess of ones upmanship. The only title that is easy to describe are the Dukes. Three Dukes split the duties of ruling the nation, personally commanding a handful of Counts. All Dukes take residence in Gladia and do not command a city. The Marquesses are a title given to high ranking Temple officials who command large areas of land dedicated to holy sites, temples, and more. Marquesses sometimes rule lands smaller than Baronies, but still outrank them. Marquess is the only title Temple Officials can hold. Technically, Temple Avatars are High Nobility, although they do not have a title beyond their Avatar status.

Titles and Nobility

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