Some claim the Wilden are just as old as any other race and Eladrin and Elven legends speak of creatures much like the Wilden in ancinet days during the second and third ages of the world. However, they have not been seen in the world for more than 7 ages and if they are this same species, they do not claim it.

The Wilden race ‘awoke’ in the groves across the world only twenty years ago and they have since joined societies nearby. The Wilden of Lothilia do not know why they suddenly awoke and other Wilden continue to be ‘born’ from the Wilden Trees, yet they feel a strange attraction to the World Gate and wonder if it relates to them.

Wilden have not yet had the pleasure of dying of old age, having awoken only 20 years ago. However, it is believed their life spans are long, since they have changed little over those two decades.

Wilden names often involve the names of plants and animals, such as Lily or Hawk.


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